Best Holiday Guide to
Varadero, CUBA

Holiday Guide to Varadero

We spent 6 days in Varadero and loved it. Stunning beaches, warm water, safe swimming, all inclusive resorts with endless food and drinks all day long. Read our own info on Varadero here...

We’ve been researching Varadero to create this extensive guide to help you with your holiday to Varadero. It includes our personal reviews on the beaches, tours and where we stayed.  

Varadero is on a strip of land poking out into the warm Caribbean ocean, it’s lined with all inclusive resorts along its stunning beaches. We went in Oct and the place was pretty busy then, can’t imagine what it would be like in peak season.

If you’re looking for a week away in a hot, sunny place with great beaches then Varadero in Cuba is ideal. Although it’s not for everyone, we’re not great fans of all inclusive resorts and prefer much smaller places without the huge crowds, but that’s not possible here.

Short video on Varadero

How to get to Varadero?

Varadero by Bus:

Havana to Varadero: ($13 USD/CUC) one way per person – 9am (2 hours & 30 mins)

This is a shared shuttle bus that leaves Havana once a day and comes back once a day. The handy thing is it stops at the resorts where guests are booked so door to door service. Although depending on where you start and finish it can take a lot longer than 2 hours 30mins with departures and arrivals running really late. All buses are modern and air conditioned. The bus stops half way for a 15min break. Book through any local travel agent, these are mostly located in any hotel.

Varadero by Taxi:
We asked a yellow cab driver how much it would cost to take us to Varadero to our resort and were quoted $80 CUC. We decided against this option as there was only the 2 of us making it too expensive. If you can share the taxi, it’s way quicker than the bus and you can leave at a time to suit you. Taking an old American car is a great option, but there’s no air con, not to mention the risk of a breakdown.

Varadero by Car:
We rented a car and drove ourselves to Varadero, which is a great option at only $60 CUC per day including full insurance.

Travel tip: Install the app MAPS.ME before you leave home and download the map of Cuba. Once in Cuba make sure your location GPS is always turned on and you’ll get fantastic directions using this map. It even works with voice directions. This map works perfectly offline.

Varadero shopping centre, full of bars and restaurantsVaradero shopping centre, full of bars and restaurants
The beach outside our hotel at Varadero CubaThe beach outside our hotel at Varadero Cuba

Wifi in Varadero

Like everywhere in Cuba you still need a card to connect to the Wifi, but unlike most hotels in Havana, these huge all inclusive resorts can have Wifi from your room, well at least our one did, this was so good. Plus it was super easy to buy Wifi cards with no big queues, however only the 1 hour cards are available not the 5 hour. Usually $1.50 CUC for 1 hour.

Pool at our hotel - Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero CubaPool at our hotel - Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero Cuba
Local band in the restaurant at our hotel in VaradeoLocal band in the restaurant at our hotel in Varadeo

Best time to go to Varadero

Varadero is awesome all year round, although the swimming pools might get a bit chilly around Jan, Feb time. To avoid totally packed beaches don’t go in Dec or Jan. We were there in October and it was perfect, nice and hot.

View from the restaurant in Varadero shopping centreView from the restaurant in Varadero shopping centre
Varadero shopping centreVaradero shopping centre

Where to stay in Varadero

Casa Particulars in Varadero

There are not so many casa’s out in Varadero, especially near the nice beaches, only in town.

All inclusive resorts in Varadero

You’ll find loads of all inclusive resorts in Varadero, it can be really hard to choose which is best. Stick to ones that are as new as possible, the older ones can be really dated. No need to worry about what the beach will be like, it’s stunning the whole way along Varadero. These resorts are all self star rated, to get the true rating always knock off at least one of the stars.

We stayed at the all Inclusive resort of Ocean Vista Azul in Varadero it was excellent and well worth it as its modern and new. Be careful you don't book an old hotel.

Holiday Guide to Varadero CubaHoliday Guide to Varadero Cuba
Holiday Guide to Varadero CubaHoliday Guide to Varadero Cuba

Hop on Hop off Habana Bus Tour in Varadeo

To get more of an idea of what's out at Varadeo, take the double decker bus tour. Click here to read all about the hop on, hop off Habana Bus Tour in Varadeo.

Holiday Guide to Varadero CubaHoliday Guide to Varadero Cuba
Holiday Guide to Varadero CubaHoliday Guide to Varadero Cuba

Best things to do in Varadero

Here is our pick of the top best things to do in Varadero to make your holiday there special. You’ll find a full page on each excursion, just click on the heading to find out more information on what to do in Varadero or click on one of the photos below to go directly to the page.